Energy Saving Tips for Refrigerator

Energy Saving Tips for Refrigerator. Refrigerator is one household that spends a lot of electrical energy. Therefore,  currently many refrigerators are created to be energy saving. However, you also can make your refrigerator more energy saving by taking into this energy saving tips for refrigerator:

  1. Leave a space between the refrigerator and the walls around at least 10-15 cm with a wall and about 30 cm with the ceiling. If the refrigerator is placed in a narrow space, the machine will be a fast heat and workload gets heavier so there should be adequate ventilation.
  2. Place the refrigerator in a cool and do not put in a place exposed to direct sunlight or other heat sources because it is not good for the engine.
  3. Try not to be too frequent opening and closing the refrigerator because the lights are lit when the door is opened will consume energy. In addition, if the refrigerator is opened too frequently it will cause the temperature inside the refrigerator to rise and cause the engine to work harder to cool the temperature inside the refrigerator.
  4. Make sure the door is closed properly. Refrigerator cools the food continues to work according to a predetermined temperature, but the cold air is wasted. Therefore, make sure you open and close the refrigerator door properly.
  5. Adjust the temperature as you needed. The lower the temperature gets colder, the more energy required for cooling refrigerators. We recommend that you set the temperature one level above the center line only.
  6. Disable the additional functions of the refrigerator when not needed. More and more functions are activated, the greater the energy consumed and costs incurred. No need to buy a refrigerator is too sophisticated, if not sure will take advantage of these functions.
  7. Avoid storing hot or warm food in the refrigerator. Wait until the food was cold because the hot food or drink that will influence the temperature inside the refrigerator and causing increased engine work harder.
  8. Check the rubber seal attached to the door. Usually this bulkhead will loosen over time. The air from outside can easily enter and disrupt the temperature inside. Refrigerator engine will work harder to cool the refrigerator according to a predetermined temperature. Take a rubber septum repair if damaged, allowing outside air to enter.
  9. Turn off the refrigerator if you and your family want to travel out of town for some time. Open the little door of the refrigerator so that the inside is moist and smelly.

10. Clean the parts of the refrigerator regularly to keep the machine working so light. Dust can clog drains and air causing the engine to work harder. The cost comes out even more.

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How to Care Refrigerator

How to Care Refrigerator with the Best Way

How to Care Refrigerator. Household devices are created to meet your needs at home. Ranging from serving healthy meals for the family, keeping  the air clean, and to wash clothes clean. Not only it makes your life easier, household devices are healthy your family. Refrigerators become an important device for storing and preparing food for your family. To get a refrigerator with high quality and as required, after selecting the best refrigerator products, you also have to consider several things in your refrigerator to care durable and always in good condition.


  1. Placing the refrigerator.

Prior to use, you should clean the refrigerator from dirt and dust, including parts of ice boxes and shelves. Placement of the refrigerator should be avoided near damp places like bathrooms or places exposed to direct sunlight. By default, the refrigerator should be given a distance of about 1 inch from the wall behind him, 10 inches from the roof, and 2.5 cm from the floor in order to guarantee a good air circulation. You should use a single AC power plug and socket for your refrigerator so that the flow of electricity to the refrigerator remained stable. For the first time to use of refrigerator, operate on an empty refrigerator for 2-3 hours for a stable operating temperature of your refrigerator.


2. Arrangement of food in the fridge

Refrigerator is used to store food in order to be durable and the quality is maintained. But because each food has its own characteristics, the arrangement you should pay attention to food ingredients in the refrigerator. Generally, fruits and vegetables can be stored for 3-4 days, 1-2 days for fresh fish, meat cut for 4-5 days, and eggs can be up to 2 weeks. Evaporator, where the manufacture of ice cubes contained in the refrigerator, it needs more attention because the temperatures are much colder. Foods that have a lot of water content like fruits and vegetables are put into the evaporator is prohibited because it will easily rot. Glass bottles filled with water also should not be put into the evaporator as the bottle may break when frozen.


3. Periodic Cleaning of the Refrigerator

So that the refrigerator is in good condition, refrigerator should be cleaned periodically. Unpleasant smell of the food materials stored too long may worsen the condition of the refrigerator. Before cleaning the refrigerator, turn off the power plug and socket to the refrigerator and remove all food from the refrigerator. Clean up food spills that do not arise a permanent dirt marks on the plastic surface. Plastic surfaces should not be cleaned with a coarse brush or with a chemical solution. The outside of the refrigerator can be cleaned with soft soap with foam so as not to scratch the surface of the refrigerator.


4. Case Handling of Disorders

Evaporator section is very vulnerable to impact, so you should avoid using sharp objects to pick up ice cubes. When the ice is thick enough, Let the ice melt the frost. Periodically, check the electrical network to the refrigerator to the electrical stability. There are several possibilities that could cause the refrigerator does not cool properly, could not be set with the thermostat proper, where the refrigerator is too close to the wall, the room temperature will be hot, or the refrigerator door is often left out in the open position. If the damage is not you can handle, you should contact customer service.


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