Makita BTD142HW

Why Makita BTD142HW. Are you looking for an addition to your tool chest? Then the impact driver, Makita BTD142HW, is a great consideration for you. It is true that there are so many impact drivers available out there but

Makita BTD142HW

nothing compared to it that can compete with so many beneficial features it has. Here is why Makita BTD142HW should be the first to choose among other impact drivers in the market.

There are numerous important aspects that come with Makita BTD142HW as the best impact drivers. First, unlike those with common 2-pole motors, the model has a 4-pole variable speed motor that permits the driver to gain big power at its lower speed. As the result, less tear and wear can be obtained on the driver, which means more issue-free and longer life for Makita BTD142HW tool you have.

Second, Makita BTD142HW is equipped with 18 volt Lithium-Ion battery that can deliver adequate power to generate 1,280 in. /ft. torque to handle the toughest possible works but it is still safe to use as hand-held tool. Furthermore the battery of Makita BTD142HW can give a slower self-discharge, much longer run time as well as only 15 minute super fast re-charge time. Memory chip is attached to the charger of Makita BTD142HW allowing continuously most efficient charging communication between the battery and its charger.

Third, Makita BTD142HW has different speeds ranging from 0-2,300 revolutions per minute. It also has variable impact power that ranges from 0-3,200 impacts per minute that all will allow you to carry out a large range of works only by adjusting both kinds of setting. With this Makita BTD142HW any kind of jobs from the lightweight fastening to heavy duty one is possible to accomplish.

Fourth, Makita BTD142HW has been ergonomically designed to give the most comfort and to become user friendly. The features are arranged to have only 2.8 pounds of weight so that the tool will be handy to carry and will not cause fatigue easily for prolonged drilling, fastening and tightening.

Fifth, there is also additionally beneficial feature that comes with Makita BTD142HW. It is a built-in LED light that has role to illuminate your working are when there is no sufficient light available to support efficient work. Furthermore, a bumper ring with phosphorescent is given to be able to glow in the dark. That will help drivers to find anything they need in the most possible dark surrounding with no additional lighting.

In short, those five reasons are only parts of Makita BTD142HW to answer the question of why we need to choose it among many other impact drivers in the market. Only by buying a unit of Makita BTD142HW all contractors, electricians, wood workers, mechanics and even homeowner can be assured that they will have today’s the best impact driver.

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Makita Cordless Drill

Makita Cordless Drill with Its Advantages and Disadvantage. For construction workers Makita cordless drill is not  strange name. However for common people Makita may not strange name for them. Makita has been well known as the construction tools. The Makita productions are not only dedicated for construction workers, but they are also effective and functional tools for home use. In the Market there are various Makita drills that can be selected. Some are product specialized for construction workers, others are product for all. The cordless drills can be practical tool for it is easy to use anywhere. It is usually lightweight tool. There some batteries options, such as 10,8 Volt, 12 Volt and 18 Volt. The bigger capacity battery the longer the battery lasts. There are also various shapes, from common to futuristic models. There are also special types for special purposes, such as drill for angled surface.  Makita cordless drill deserve to consider as it is functional for special purpose and home use.

Makita Cordless Drill as Safe Electric Drill

The main advantage of Makita cordless drill is that it does not need long cable. Electricity is the main power for this drill. It will not be practical to extent very long cable to drill certain place as there is not electricity outlet nearby. The long cable can also be dangerous. The risk of electricity shock may happen to the workers. With cordless electric drills people do not have to think about this matter. The chargeable drill will help them reach places for drilling work without messy and risky cable. Cordless drills produced by Makita do not take long time to charge the battery. Within about 15 minutes the battery will be full and ready to use. Makita charger that is included in the buying package will be the other advantage. With Makita cordless drill, the place and power source will not be a big problem.

Makita Cordless Drill And The Most Effective Use

The power used in Makita cordless drill can be the main people consideration to buy this product. However the power applied in this cordless drill can also be a disadvantage of the drill. Some series of Makita cordless battery has used lithium ion battery that has been believed last longer. This is not always helpful, especially for heavy duty drilling job. Even the recent battery will not last for long time. It can delay the work. Some people overcome this with buying additional Makita cordless drill batteries. Sometimes it can be helpful. The type of work should be put into consideration before buying drilling tool, for home use Makita cordless drill can be the best option.

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Makita Cordless Drill 12V

Makita LXT218

Know Better What Are in the Makita LXT218. There are advance cordless tools for driving, fastening, drilling and hammer drilling out there. Among the best class is Makita LXT218 that is specially designed for pro-user. In its  Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit the tools of Makita LXT218 include powerful but lightweight impact driver, as well as high speed and high torque hammer driver-drill (BHP454Z) of ½ inch. Lithium-ion battery of Makita LXT218 along with Makita rapid optimum charger that is ENERGY STAR rated is the power behind every tool.  To know better what in the Makita LXT218, keep reading here.

Makita LXT218 with its compact size is able to provide both 360 in.lbs. of PTI Torque and 560 in.lbs. of Max Torque because it features the BHP454Z, maximum torque motor that is a built-in four-pole.  The BHP454Z of Makita LXT218 is equipped with the system sleeve of shift-lock drive that can shift immediately from mode of hammer drill to driver one. There is an all-meal transmission of Makita LXT218 with two speeds that can deliver 0-400 RPM and 1,700 RPM in low speed and 0- in high speed respectively. Such transmission covers a wide range of driving and drilling application. The BHP454Z of Makita LXT218 has both 0-22,500 BPM in high speed and in low speed at 0-6,000 blows per Minute (BPM) that support hammer boring into concrete and masonry.

The BTD141Z item or Lithium Ion Cordless Impact Driver of Makita is also included in the package. The item features a maximum torque motor that is four pole-built, which for a wide range of fastening tasks can give 3,200 and 2,300 RPM impacts as well as 1,330 in. lbs. of torque per minute.

The best raw material is used in Makita LXT218 especially for its anvil impact mechanism and proprietary hammer. Distinct heat hardening process on the top quality steel is also introduced to obtain maximum driving and fastening poser.

When it comes to design, the Makita LXT218 comes with compact size and is wrapped in ergonomic design. With its battery, the package only weighs 4.9 pounds and has length of only 9-9/16 inches. Its ergonomic shape makes it fits for reduced operator fatigue like a glove. For proper illumination of work space to get more efficient work, Makita LXT218 is equipped with LED light as well.

Makita LXT218 is equipped with two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries for increasing battery power along with a charger for rapid optimum charging power. Both are aimed to reduce downtime on the job site. All features in the product are perfect for pro-trades that include remodeling, electrical, woodworking, plumbing, HVAC as well as any pro-contractors requiring only the best combo kit of engineered cordless. In short, all of those advance benefits in Makita LXT218 are just examples the commitment of Makita to be technology innovator and to be the best in class engineering.

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Makita BTD142HW

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Makita Cordless Drill 12V

Introducing Makita Cordless Drill 12V

By Zuhayra

Consider long about what you want. What’s on your mind? Do you want a handy drill? Do you want a cordless drill so that you can be more maneuverability when doing your home maintenance jobs? The Makita cordless drill 12V is the right choice because everybody already knows that they are a good quality and you will get it.  The Makita cordless drill is one of the top-selling drills worldwide.  You won’t be let down with Makita cordless drill 12V because Makita makes high quality standards. The Makita cordless drill 12V is ideal for Homeowners and Renters.  Almost any home maintenance jobs can be resolved properly.  Your hands will feel free because you do not need to connect the drill to a power source when you are doing maintenance jobs. You just press the switch and making holes with a drill.

Makita Cordless Drill 12V

Makita Cordless Drill 12v

Makita cordless drill 12V has a long battery life which is made of Ni-MH and Lithium-Ion. The battery has 3300mAh capacity to make the drill more powerful. Customize shape and models with your work before you buy. Makita cordless drill 12V provides some models 6217DWDE; 6317DWDE; 6213DWBE; 6217DWDEX; DA312DWD

All of the above are things you need to consider, and then the most important thing is what model of your Makita cordless drill 12V you want.

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