Small Appliances

Small Appliances (Brown Goods). Small Household Appliances are small devices that can be moved easily. Small Appliances usually placed on a table or on countertops as in kitchen set or pantry cabinets. This situation is very different from the Major Appliances which usually have a fixed place because of its size and various equipment attached to it.

Small Appliances

Small Appliances also known as Brown Goods. This term arises because at first the domestic small and medium sized box is wrapped with wood. For example television and radio. Although the subsequent development of the device no longer made of wood, this name is still used as a term until now. Most of these types of devices using electric power. Therefore, the presence of an electrical connection is a must. Small Appliances Set to wire placement does not break down anywhere or attached securely. In addition to electricity, there is also Small Appliances are operated with electric motors, such as blender, mixer, juicer and food processor. Some are using batteries – either disposable batteries or batteries that can be refilled.

Small Appliances sold at prices greatly vary. Prices start from the blender with a price of $ 14 to cost hundreds of dollars on television. Here are some examples of devices that could be categorized as Small Appliances:

Television: Regarded as an entertainment device that must be present in every home. Television has developed very rapidly from the beginning of its presence until now. Appears first in the form of convex screen black and white. Now the television comes in the form of more streamlined and LCD. Even now evolved into the Internet TV television.

Radio, CD / DVD Player: In addition to television, entertainment devices that must be present in the modern family is a radio and CD / DVD player. Radio has a variety of forms, including analog radio and digital radio. Meanwhile, the CD / DVD player arguably a relatively new entertainment devices. The former appeared in the mid 90’s.

Hi-Fi and Home Cinema: HiFi and Home Cinema is a complete set of entertainment media that produces good quality movies at home. Home Cinema concept was introduced in 1950 with a film projector. In the mid-90 was introduced discs containing music and video, called the Laser Disc. Currently the concept of home cinema, usually consisting of a DVD player, widescreen TV (even Blue Ray), a set of audio system consisting of speakers on the right-left and subwoofer cabnet. Home Cinema with the design of more serious could have 7 speakers.

Devices Kitchen: Small Appliances in the kitchen is a Rice Cooker, Mixer, Blender, Juicer, and Dispenser. Although small in size, function kitchen tool is arguably crucial because it can simplify the cooking in the kitchen area, especially for food processing. No wonder some people feel Small Appliances must present their kitchen. Size is not too large also allows the device is placed in the narrow-sized kitchen, for example in a small house or apartment with a limited area.

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