Maytag Dryer Belt Replacement

Maytag Dryer Belt Replacement with Easy and Simple Way to Save Money. Maytag dryer belt replacement can  be very useful if you want to save sum of money. If you ca do some appliance repairs and know how to do it, it becomes your own advantage. Maytag dryer belt replacement is simple and easy, but for long-last maintenance, you’d better keep the unit clean and free of lint. Belt replacement, however, is beyond your maintenance. It can be broken anytime; therefore you are required to take apart your dryer partially. Belt has to be replaced and I would like to give you the simple and few-minute time period.

How to do Maytag dryer belt replacement?

Before you do Maytag dryer belt replacement, you need to find the specific model and purchase a replacement belt from a Maytag dealer. Otherwise, you can get it from replacement appliance parts. Then, release the dryer and the exhaust vent tube has to be removed from the back. Further, after pulling out the lint screen, you are required to remove the screws by using Philips screwdriver. The next step of Maytag dryer replacement is gliding the blade of a flat screwdriver which is located under the top panel.

Then, Maytag dryer belt replacement requires you to unleash the top panel up gradually. In this time, you have to be careful not to make scratch the finish. When the panel has been lifter highly enough, there will be a snap, just ignore it. You need to do this step again in the other front corner of the machine. The hinged lid needs to be lifted up. Then, Maytag dryer belt replacement requires you to grasp the top edge resolutely. Then, when you lift upward, twist the top edge until the front and back.

Details steps of Maytag dryer belt replacement

The, Maytag dryer belt replacement then requires you to glide the front panel forward and completely accomplishes the front panel from machine. Then, the broken belt is taken from the underneath of the drum. Keep supporting the drum and you have to slip the replacement around it. After turning the belt so it fits completely, get again on the floor and then you need to put the motor under the drum. Make a loop under the idler pulley (the smaller one) and wrap it around the motor pulley. Maytag dryer belt replacement next step is driving the idler pulley; make it far from the motor.

Then, Maytag dryer belt replacement’s next step is gliding the front panel back up opposing the machine. Make the drum secured and make the tip panel lower and push it until snapping. Screws then have to be replaced and put the lint screen back. Those are the steps of Maytag dryer belt replacement

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