How to Organize Refrigerator

How to Organize Refrigerator for More Neat and Healthy. Periodically, for the sake of your family’s health, the fridge  needs to be checked and laid out. Just as a house that needs to be swept and mopped, refrigerator also needs to be cleaned from the contents of which are not to be needed. Do not hoard “disease” in the refrigerator. Various kinds of fruits, vegetables, side dishes cooked meat and fish stored in it, must be in proper condition for consumption.

Everything we put into the refrigerator has a certain save time. Durability of the refrigerator also depends on how you arrange. If placed in position and the right temperature, it will be more durable and not easily damaged. An example is the apple that can release gases and rapidly destroys the fruit around it. Such simple knowledge you need to know, so when storing apples, it is better if separated from the other.

Another simple example is how to store eggs. Eggs should be washed beforehand, so that dirt and bacteria that attach to the egg shells did not spread. The position of the eggs laid by the pointy side down. For vegetables radish, place in a container that contains less water, in order to stay fresh horseradish. Odor in the refrigerator that comes from the food you save, can be minimized by storing each type of food in airtight containers. In addition to facilitate the arrangement of the contents of the refrigerator, food will also be more durable, as long as the container is not opened and closed frequently.

How long food can last ages stored in the refrigerator? This knowledge is also very important, so you do not “go crazy” when go shopping, and put them in the refrigerator, but in the near future you may not need. If it is damaged and no longer hygienic, it will eventually be discarded, right?

Store bananas in the refrigerator for 3-6 days only. After that, it should be consumed, or discarded. Potatoes can last longer than bananas, which is about 1 month. Cereals are only good to use if stored up to 3 months. Eggs can last between 4 to 5 weeks old. Jam can last up to one year in the refrigerator. Fish and meat store in the freezer section.

 And to reduce the “density” the contents of your refrigerator, do not need to put butter, tomato sauce, and jam into it. Why? They actually do not require refrigeration to prolong life. Instead, if you use butter, sauces and jams everyday, would be easier if the normal temperature and not frozen, right?





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