Ewave Microwave

Ewave Microwave Oven for Daily Cooking Activities. The Basic Principles of Ewave Microwave Oven. Ewave  microwave, or a microwave oven or colloquially called a microwave, is a common home appliance. It can be used for heating, defrosting, and reheating food, without loosing its nutrients in a large number.  At a frequency of 2.45GHz and a wavelength of 122mm through the food, ewave microwave heats the food through the inside. This process in ewave microwave is called electronic heating. Electronic heating occurs when radio wave heats a dielectric material or insulator. The efficiency of ewave microwave heating is higher on liquid water than on frozen water, because on frozen water the movement of molecules is more restricted. A common concept of ewave microwave is ‘microwave heats food from inside’. This concept is wrong, this idea comes from the heating behavior of ewave microwave, because the temperature inside is usually higher than the temperature outside.

The Basic Parts of Ewave Microwave Oven

Ewave microwave oven usually consists of basic parts, which are: power source (must be high voltage power source, it passes energy to the magnetron), a capacitor that is connected to magnetron (also in high voltage), a cavity magnetron (that converts electric energy to microwave radiation), a magnetron control circuit, a waveguide, and a cooking chamber. Every part of ewave microwave oven works in a high voltage of electricity, because high voltage of electricity could be easily transformed into microwave radiation.

The Ewave Microwave Oven Sizes

Ewave microwave oven sizes vary from the smallest size until the large capacity. Portable microwave oven is the smallest microwave oven in the market. It is usually 11 inches tall, 15 inches wide, and 9.8 inches deep. The power supply for this portable microwave is 12 Volt DC. A compact size of microwave oven is usually 15 inches wide, 14 inches deep, and 12 inches tall. At this size, microwave oven could accommodate 2 liters of food, and the price is usually less than $100. A medium-capacity of microwave oven is usually 20 inches in wide, and it could accommodate 30 liters. The power ratings for this size is between 1.000 – 1.500 W. Usually this size of microwave oven is called ‘family-sized microwave ovens’. Sometimes it also has advanced functions such as, auto cook, and grill mode. Large-capacity microwave oven is usually more than 20 inches in wide, as much as 20 inches in deep, and at least 12 inches high. This large-capacity ewave microwave oven uses over 2000 W and has over 60 liters of capacity.

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