Corian Sink Stains

Corian Sink Stains: Facts and Tips. Corian sink stains pretty much as other stains in bathroom and kitchen sink, are very much disturbing. If you are currently dealing with corian sink stains this is an article worth reading because it presents some facts and tips about stains in Corian sink. Before talking about the stains let us first talk about the Corian sink, and why you are not allowed to use any sink stains remover in this sink. According to an online source, Corian sink is usually installed in kitchens because these sinks do not allow liquids to penetrate and stain the material inside. Nevertheless, stains can always form in the surface of this sink, and it will somewhat lessen the aesthetic of your whole kitchen.

Never Remove Corian Sink Stains with Chemical Substance

Most online and printed sources (websites and magazines) wrote that homeowners who installed Corian sink should not remove the corian sink stains and countertops with chemicals and abrasives. One main reason is that such sink material is harsh to the substances, and they can easily scratch the sink; while abrasive is potentially removing the finish. If you have tried removing the corian sink stains using either chemical or abrasive, your Corian sink will probably lost its finish color, and this cannot obviously be removed.

Tips on Removing Corian Sink Stains and Brief Maintenance Guides

There are some ways you can do to remove; they are by using mildly warm water and by applying ammonia-based sink cleaner. To remove the corian sink stains with water, first you have to mix soap and hot water to make a sudsy mixture. After that, soak a sponge or piece of cloth in the hot soapy water and drain a little bit. Then, slowly wipe the stained area where the stains linger. To remove the corian sink stains with ammonia-based cleaner, you simply have to spray the stained area with the cleaner and wipe it smoothly.

Another way you should try to remove corian sink stains especially coffee stains is by filling the sink container halfway with warm water and pour one or two teaspoon of bleaching liquid. Let the warm water stays there for a few minutes, and then you can drain the water. Liquid bleach causes different effect from chemical cleaner, because it will not remove the sink’s finish. In order to keep your corian sink from stains – and keeping you from removing the stains hardly – it is better for you to clean the sink regularly, every after you washed the dishes. Only if you take good care of your sink, by cleaning it regularly, can you have no trouble at all with removing any corian sink stains.

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