Bathtub Reglazing Cost

Bathtub Reglazing Cost. Redecorating Master Bathroom and Bathtub Reglazing Cost. Bathtubs are common in bathrooms, we usually use bathtub for years and bathtub reglazing cost would be a routine cost when we think about redecorating our bathroom. In the late of 19th century, a claw-foot tub was considered a luxury item and it was made from cast iron and lined with porcelain. Nowadays many types of bathtub can be found with many types of material. Bathtub reglazing cost usually varies between refinishing companies, but the cost is affordable comparing to replacing the old bathtub. A cast iron claw-foot tub could cost you $2,000 – $6,000, the price varies between models. Bathtub reglazing cost could be expensive because the process is difficult and also every bathtub model needs special attention from the reglazing companies.

Bathtub Reglazing Cost Variation

Bathtub reglazing cost varies between reglazing companies. Bathtub reglazing cost range is from $250 to $600 (summer 2011), it is much cheaper than replacing the bathtub itself. We really need to consider which reglazing company, because the reglazing process itself needs a professional touch. The preparation of bathtub reglazing is very important, a poorly prepared bathtub results in leaking paint and streaks. We also need to consider the bathtub reglazing cost because the maximum normal bathtub reglazing cost is $600, we should be aware of the right price. Many reglazing companies use low quality of paint to reglaze in order to keep the price affordable for some homeowners, but this would mean many complaints.

Bathtub Reglazing Cost and Quality

Bathtub reglazing cost could increase if we want a better quality for our bathtub reglazing. The maintenance after reglazing is not complicated but we really need to pay attention on it. A detergent only liquid cleaner should be use to clean the bathtub, never put soap on the bathtub surface, and also we really need to be very careful of razors and other things that could damage the surface. We also have to know that after the reglazing process, we need to wait minimum 48 hours before using the bathtub. We should never use abrasive surface cleaner, because it can break the new surface of bathtub. Nowadays, reglazing companies use the latest method of bathtub reglazing. They usually use primer coat for the first paint layer, and wait for 48 hours until it dries. After that, we can apply the second paint layer. Bathtub reglazing cost may vary, but the important thing is how we do the maintenance, never use abrasive compounds or scouring powder on the surface.

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